Pediatric Updates: Pharmacology: 2023 Current Concepts

 2023 Current Concepts

Ready for a potpourri of trending pharm topics? From alopecia, asthma, and antibiotic stewardship to proton pump inhibitors and vaccines, PNCB is the place to support your diagnosis and prescribing knowledge. A section on common skin disorders in pediatric skin of color is included. Explore these topics:

  • Identify and apply treatments for children with psoriasis, alopecia, plus general dermatologic conditions for children with skin of color.
  • Assess the utilization of complementary therapies including essential oils and probiotics used as treatments by caregivers.
  • Discuss the use of integrative therapies and proton pump inhibitors for the treatment of gastroesophageal and digestive disorders seen in infants and children.
  • Review treatment for common infectious diseases in children and employ principles of antibiotic stewardship.
  • Examine the use of alternate settings for vaccine administration to improve rates of immunization.

For APRNs, RNs, or those familiar with pediatric pharmacology. View Content Outline

  • 7.5 pharmacology contact hours accredited by NAPNAP (0 related to psychopharmacology) (0 related to controlled substances).
  • Answers are due 150 days from order process date.
  • 37 questions.
  • What references are included?
  • 12 online PDF articles or web resources (included/provided) to support answering all 37 questions
Sample Question

The caregivers of an infant with an allergy to cow’s milk are inquiring about the effectiveness of using probiotics to treat the condition. Appropriate guidance includes that the

A. role of probiotics in the treatment of food allergies remains unclear.
B. addition of probiotics to gut microorganisms does not improve food allergies.
C. evidence supports that adding probiotics helps decrease reactions to food sensitivities.
D. administration of probiotics prenatally but not postnatally has been shown to reduce food sensitivities.

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