CE: Pediatric Tracheostomy Care Module 2: Outpatient

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Your patient with a trach is on the move! How do you prepare family and caregivers for the challenges that pediatric tracheostomies bring once your patient leaves the hospital? We're ready to continue our case study from Module 1 and help Ahmed go home with his family.

This learning activity focuses on discharge readiness and caregiver education for trach management in the home environment, including emergencies. Completion of Module 1 is not required to take Module 2.

Module Objectives:
  1. Describe best practice requirements for a child with a tracheostomy in the hospital setting to be deemed discharge ready.
  2. List essential information to incorporate in discharge education that supports the health of the child and family.
  3. Recognize demands on caregivers who provide daily care for the child with a tracheostomy while balancing needs of other family members as well as their own.
  4. Review differences between hospital and home care that warrant planning and education.
  5. Discuss appropriate responses to illness and emergencies in the home.
For RNs, APRNs, or those looking for relevant, up-to-date CE learning activities.
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  • 2.0 contact hours accredited by NAPNAP which 0 contain Pharmacology (Rx) content (including 0 of psychopharmacology) (including 0 of controlled substances)
  • 10 questions
  • Completion is due 150 days from order date. During this period you have unlimited access to log in and out of the module to complete it in more than one sitting.
  • Reference Information:To answer the learning assessment questions, references for this module include one (1) online PDF textbook chapter and media content presented in an unnarrated format (viewable online only). Read the full disclaimer.

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