Pediatric Updates: Pharmacology: 2021 Current Concepts

Pharmacology: 2021 Current Concepts

Pediatric pain is a challenging topic. The 2021 edition of PNCB’s popular annual pharmacology module focuses exclusively on pain management across multiple settings and patient populations. Be prepared to elevate your knowledge with a deep dive into content involving neonates, headaches, chronic pain, procedural pain in primary care, and athletes. Select opioid topics include post-op prescribing and potential for abuse as well as prescribing for special populations and pediatric acute pain. Topics include:
  • Postoperative opioid prescribing and the opioid crisis
  • Opioids in managing pediatric acute pain
  • Opioid prescribing in select populations
    • Children and youth with special health care needs
    • Children and adolescents without severe health conditions
  • Pain management for procedures in primary care
  • A literature review of pain management for pediatric/adolescent athletes
  • Management of headache pain including post-traumatic and migraine
  • Treatment of children with chronic pain in the ED
  • Neonatal pain management
  • Non-analgesic uses of NSAIDs for neonates
For APRNs, RNs, or those familiar with pediatric pharmacology. View Content Outline

  • 7.5 pharmacology contact hours accredited by NAPNAP (0 related to psychopharmacology) (4.5 related to controlled substances).
  • Answers are due 150 days from order process date.
  • 40 questions.
  • What references are included?
    • 11 online PDF articles or web resources (included/provided) to support answering all 40 questions.
Sample Question

Q. For a school-age child newly diagnosed with migraine headaches that are associated with severe nausea and vomiting, which of the following is the MOST appropriate initial, acute treatment plan?

A. sumatriptan nasal spray
B. acetaminophen disintegrating tablets
C. diphenhydramine oral solution with a triptan
D. ondansetron oral disintegrating tablets with an NSAID

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