Pediatric Updates: Acute Care Rx: Analgesia, Sedation, & More

Acute Care Rx: Analgesia, Sedation, & More

Anesthetic agents, antipsychotics, and so much more are covered in this broad ranging module to reinforce or expand your pharmacology knowledge for ill and injured children in ED, outpatient sedation, and critical care settings.

Pharmacology-specific topics include intranasal administration as an increasingly frequent route for delivery of meds, pharmacologic properties of medications, pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics, uses and adverse effects (including tolerance and withdrawal).

Specific medications covered are:
  • Sedatives: benzodiazepines, dexmedetomidine
  • Analgesics:
    • Non-opioids – acetaminophen, non-steroidals
    • Opioids – fentanyl, morphine, methadone
    • Misused/ ingested agents – loperamide, Kratom, fentanyl
  • Anesthetic agents:
    • local/ topical agents
    • inhalation induction (nitrous oxide)
    • general anesthetic agents – propofol, etomidate, ketamine
    • regional nerve blocks
    • peripheral nerve blocks for headache management
  • Neuromuscular blockers
Antipsychotics used for management of ICU delirium: haloperidol and second generation (atypical) antipsychotics

For APRNs, RNs, or those familiar with pediatric pharmacology. View Content Outline

  • 7.5 contact hours accredited by NAPNAP of which 7.5 contains pharmacology (Rx) content (0.75 related to psychopharmacology) (3.0 related to controlled substances).
  • Answers are due 150 days from order process date.
  • 39 questions.
  • What references are included?
    • 11 online PDF articles or web resources (included/provided) to support answering all 39 questions.
Sample Question

Q. An early school-age child who requires closed reduction and immobilization of a radial fracture after a fall is experiencing pain rated as moderate to severe. The child has no intravenous access. Which of the following is the BEST choice for analgesia?

A. oral oxycodone
B. intranasal fentanyl
C. transdermal fentanyl
D. intramuscular ketorolac

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