Practice Tests & More: CPN Exam Drill (100 questions - no rationales)

 CPN Exam Drill

Looking for more exposure to CPN exam topics? This practice test drill contains 100 multiple-choice questions with answers only-no rationales so you move quickly to assess your strengths and weaknesses. All new questions for 2020!

Developed by CPN subject matter experts, these 100 questions can be accessed repeatedly for 150 days with or without revealing the correct answers. The cost is $50.

With the CPN Exam Practice Drill, you receive:
  • 100 questions presented with the structure of CPN exam questions
  • a simulation of the computer-based exam
  • exposure to content representing topics on the CPN exam content outline
The CPN Exam Drill is not a study or review course. When surveyed, most candidates preparing to test wanted access to additional questions. Also consider our 50-question practice tests that offer in-depth rationale.

How does it work?

150-day access to your module is immediate after payment is received in full. Check spam for your access email. Unlimited attempts with the same 100 questions are available until your expiration date is reached. Print your personalized Feedback Reports / Results Reports for continued learning. On-screen messages will guide you on where to locate these reports.

Sample Question:

Q. Which of the following findings observed during the assessment of a child’s integumentary system is associated with insulin resistance?

A. red patches located on the chest and back
B. hypopigmented areas on the chest and back
C. small flesh-colored bumps on the upper layers of the skin
D. dark, velvety discolorations in folds of the neck and armpits

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