Pediatric Updates: Pharmacology: 2019 Current Concepts

Pharmacology: 2019 Current Concepts

This pharmacology module includes broad range of topics including medication safety, antibiotic stewardship, herbal/complementary treatments for GI complaints, epinephrine for treatment of anaphylaxis, hypertriglyceridemia, and oral contraceptives. Other areas of interest include updated recommendations for the Hepatitis B, mumps, and human papillomavirus vaccines as well as infectious disease topics including pharmacotherapy for staphylococcal infections and prescription of fluoroquinolones.

For CPNPs, NPs, RNs, or those familiar with pediatric pharmacology. View Content Outline

  • 7.5 pharmacology contact hours accredited by NAPNAP (0 related to psychopharmacology) (0 related to controlled substances).
  • Answers are due 150 days from order process date.
  • 37 questions.
  • What references are included?
    • 12 online PDF articles or web resources (included/provided) to support answering all 37 questions.
Sample Question

Q. Multiple cases of mumps are reported in a local elementary school. The 2018 recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice for care during a mumps outbreak is to: SELECT TWO (2)

A. administer immune globulin to all exposed children within 6 days of exposure
B. ensure that all children who attend the school have at least 2 doses of a mumps virus-containing vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella [MMR] or measles, mumps, rubella, varicella [MMRV])
C. administer a third dose of mumps-containing vaccine to all children in the school who have had two doses of MMR or MMRV
D. administer a dose of MMR vaccine to all infants age 6 to 12 months who are household members of children who attend the school

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