Pediatric Updates: Primary Care: 2019 Current Concepts

Primary Care: 2019 Current Concepts

This wide-reaching module brings you recent respected articles for issues seen in primary care settings. Get an update on risk reduction for sudden infant death, transgender issues, supporting the grieving child and family, chronic/recurrent abdominal pain, enterovirus infections, community acquired pneumonia, meningococcal disease, hepatitis A, B, and C, Marfan syndrome, deformational plagiocephaly, primary care for children with CHD, and precepting NP students.

For CPNPs, NPs, RNs, or those familiar with Primary Care scope of practice. View Content Outline

  • 7.5 NAPNAP CE contact hours of which 2.0 contains pharmacology (Rx) content, (0 related to psychopharmacology) (0 related to controlled substances).
  • Answers are due 150 days from order process date.
  • 40 questions.
  • What references are included?
    • 12 online PDF articles or web resources (included/provided) to support answering all 40 questions.
    • The following reference used in this module is also used in our Acute Care Clinical Cross-Section 2019 module: Messinger Al, Kupfer O, Hurse A, Parker S. Management of pediatric community-acquired bacterial pneumonia. Pediatrics in Review. 2017; 38(9): 395-407.
Sample Question

Q. Consider the scenario involving the toddler diagnosed with meningococcal disease in the previous two questions. Appropriate chemoprophylaxis for persons identified as high-risk contacts include: SELECT THREE (3)

A. rifampin
B. penicillin
C. ciprofloxacin
D. ceftriaxone for pregnant contacts
E. azithromycin for pregnant contacts
F. chloramphenicol in areas with ciprofloxacin resistance

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