Practice Tests & More: CPN Practice Test 2016 Edition (50 questions with rationales)

 CPN Practice Test

Learn what makes an answer right when you take a CPN Practice Test from PNCB! See questions written by subject matter experts who develop Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) exam items.

With this module, you receive:
  • 50 questions presented with the structure of CPN exam questions
  • In-depth explanation for correct answers to strengthen critical thinking skills
  • a simulation of the computer-based exam
  • exposure to content representing topics on the CPN exam content outline.
This practice test is not a study or review course. This module is a practice test offering in-depth explanations for right and wrong answers to a sampling of questions presented.

How does it work?

150-day access to your module is immediate after payment is received in full. Check spam for your access email. Unlimited attempts with the same 50 questions are available until your expiration date is reached. Print your personalized Feedback Reports / Results Reports for continued learning. On-screen messages will guide you on where to locate these reports.

Sample Question:

Q: A preschooler is admitted with an altered level of consciousness, light sensitivity, and vomiting. Assessment findings include a purpuric rash to both lower extremities. The INITIAL response should be to

A. administer ordered antibiotics and antiemetics.
B. implement isolation precautions.
C. obtain immunization and admission data.
D. prepare for a lumbar puncture.

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